Youth meeting was great!

Hey everybody! Just got back from youth meeting and it went great! There were only ten of us but the youth that were there have been coming pretty regularly. I can see that God is really moving these teens and He is starting to work in there lives. Cristi talked about how we will and do have pressures and temptations in this world, but we must resist them and give our lives to Christ. That way we can be changed by Him and given the power to do what is right. This Saturday we want to take the group out to eat or something, so that we can show them that you can be a Christian and still do normal things like go out for ice cream. We hope to be a good and positive influence on them so that they will grow strong in the Lord and serve him here in Rimnicu Valcea over the years to come. Here are a few more pictures of the group for you.......

We have some more exciting news! We have someone who is ready to be baptized! Telu, our good friend that my dad and Cristi have Bible study every week, is going to be baptized two weeks from now on the 8th of November. We are really excited for Telu and pray that God be with him. We hope that he will grow strong in the Lord and be a good servant for Him here in Rimnicu Valcea!

This morning's service was good. We have this one man who is Telu's friend, Mr. Gigi I think I've mentioned him before, and we can tell that God is really working in his whole family. This morning at church his wife and daughter came with him and they seemed very attentive to everything Cristi said. The other night dad and Cristi went to visit them and they were very open to the Gospel and to what dad and Cristi had to say. We hope that God will take this family, use them for His glory and change their lives so that they will have a heart for Him.

Keep us all in your prayers and pray for the people I mentioned in the post. Pray that God will help them to see the Light that is His son, Jesus Christ. Pray that he will change them and mold them for Him and his purposes.


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