Winter is upon us!

Hey everyone! Well today was cold but other than that everything has went well this week. We had about 30-35 kids at English tutoring on Tuesday and roughly 15-20 everyday at our after school program. Last night we went out with our youth group to a coffee house and we all had a good are some pictures of our group.

This morning at Church we had about 14 or 15 present. Cristi asked me to do the Message today at church. I was pretty nervous since it was my first time to every do it. The passage was from James 3:1-12. I talked about our tongues and how we use them to shoot"poison" at others and then we turn around and bless others and God. I also said that we should treat and speak to each other with love and kindness, instead of hatred and slanderous words. Tonight at our youth meeting we were missing a few of our youth because of the colder and rainier weather. There were only 6 teens there tonight, but hopefully more will come next week! Next Monday afternoon we want to go with the group to the Philharmonic and see one of the concerts there.

Keep us all in your prayers!


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