Some One had a Birthday?

Hey everybody! Yesterday was Irina's 22nd birthday! We had the party in our apartment where we have church on Sundays and there were about 25-30 people. We played some games, ate some cake, the works! Everyone had a good time and once again I we want to wish Irina a Happy Birthday! Here are some pictures of the party......

All in all everything has been going good. On Sunday night I(Cody)did the devotion for the youth meeting. The passage was from Psalm 139:1-13 which talks about God's omnipresence. My devotion was about how we as people have those "hidden sins" we think no one knows about or sees, but God sees them and knows them all. Therefore our sins aren't that hidden. Here are some photos of our youth meetings.... I'll get some more next week and will post them up along with Cristi's ordination video.

I(Cody) haven't been able to go help Cristi and Irina this week but Cristi called me and told me today that they had 20 kids for the first session at English class and 8 or 9 for the second. We've also had more kids coming to homework help and we are soon going to be running out of space in our small apartment if we keep going at this rate, we pray that God will provide a bigger facility for us in the future.

I hope to start writing more on the blog about general everyday things that go on here. I hope this will help our readers from the U.S.A. understand what it is like here a little better. If anyone has any comments about any of the posts feel free to comment you just have to click on the green number beside the word" comment " at the top of each post. Well, Keep my family, Cristi and Irina, and the Ministry here all in your prayers!


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