Cristi's Ordination is Tomorrow

Hey everybody! Well Bro. Mike and Bro. Rocky made it to Romania safe and sound and Cristi will have his ordination tomorrow! I'll have Photos and a video of the whole Ordination posted up next week on the blog. We are very excited for Cristi and Irina and and I hope you keep them in your prayers.

Our Homework help has been going really well and we usually have between 15 and 25 kids a day. We have one little boy that comes to our after school tutoring and he is in Kindergarten,yet he has already learned to add and subtract. This is a big accomplishment for him since he won't be taught addition and subtraction until he is in the 1st. grade. We hope we see more cases like this in the with these kids, where they strive to do good and learn.

Our youth meetings on Sundays are going good also, we have had between 8 and 10 youth every week. I'll have some pictures of our youth meetings posted up next week. Until then keep us in your prayers!


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