Cristi's Ordination went great!

Hey everybody! Sorry I've taken so long to write this post. I was trying to get some video of Cristi's ordination posted up but the video had some problems and I couldn't get it to work. I did however, get some pictures of the Ordination. They're posted below. I thought the ordination went very well and Cristi and Irina are very happy. Cristi was a little nervous but he answered all of Brother Rocky's questions and after that the Pastors that made up the presbytery laid hands on Cristi and prayed over him. Cristi said that he now feels confident and ready to lead in the ministry here in Rimnicu Valcea. We are really excited about the future Ministry here in Valcea.

Well, other than that we are doing good and have had an increase in our attendances at our after school program, English, and Sunday Morning Church service. Just keep us all in your prayers and thoughts!

(oh and I'll try to redo the video and see if I can get it o work and i'll post it up on the blog)


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