Cristi's Ordination

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't written on the blog or posted any new photos up. My camera broke last week and I'll be getting a new one soon. Well we have some really good news for you all, Cristi is going to have his ordination next week! Bro. Mike Goodwin and Bro. Rocky Goodwin are coming to Romania this Wednesday and they, along with my Dad and some other Romanian pastors, are going to perform Cristi's ordination service next Sunday at 2o'clock at the Baptist church "Speranta". The service will end around 4o'clock followed by a short reception. We are all really excited for Cristi and Irina and for the future ministry with them here. I will have my friend Claudiu Nitisor video the whole ordination and I will post the videos along with some Photos up on the blog sometime next week.

I also hope to have some Pictures of our after school program posted up sometime at the end of this week. Until then keep us all, especially Cristi and Irina, in your prayers.


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