First week back to school!!!

Hey everybody! Well we've got all of our after school programs and stuff up and going. We've had about 18-20 kids everyday for the after school homework help, roughly 15 for English(ages 6-13), and 6 or 7 for the English(ages 14-18). It is a good start and several other kids and their parents have promised they will come. On Friday when we had our homework help we had our first volunteer. One of the little girls grandmother stayed for the 2 hours her granddaughter was there and helped us grade the kids homework and extra work we had given them. She also promised that she would try and come at least once a week to help us out and try to get us some new extra curricular material for the kids. This was really encouraging for us to finally see someone, besides us, to volunteer their time and energy to help these kids.

I forgot to write in the last blog post, that anyone who would like to volunteer one day a week for 2 hours to come and help us with the after school tutoring. We will accept any and all volunteers the reason being, we want to be able to work more 1-on-1 with the children so that they can learn even more. If you Want to volunteer or have any questions feel free to call us at:

Irina:0746 627 808
Cristi:0788 687 309
Cody:0788 254 664

Today at our Sunday night youth meeting we had a fairly good turnout of 10 youth or so. Cristi had a short devotion for them from Ecclesiastes 11:9 which says "Rejoice, young man, during your childhood, and let your heart be pleasant during the days of young manhood. And follow the impulses of your heart and the desires of your eyes Yet know that God will bring you to judgment for all these things." Cristi told them that you can go and fulfill your worldly and fleshly desires, but if you do then know that God will judge you in the final day. He also said that even though you try to fill your life with worldly pleasures that you will never be truly happy unless you have a personal relationship with God. They all said they would come back next week and that they enjoyed it so we'll see.

Next week I'll try and take some pictures of the kids to post on the blog.
Until then keep us all in your prayers!


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