The Year is coming to an end!

Hey everyone! Well, the year is almost over! It has been a great year and God has definitely done some work here in Rimnicu Valcea.
This past week before Christmas we went with some of the teens from our youth group and Tim and Krista to the homeless shelter to sing some carols for them and give them some gifts. It went really great and the people there seemed very open and accepting of the short message that Tim had for them. Tim and Krista both said they wanted to do more there in the future. Here are some photos.

Yesterday afternoon Claudiu Nitisor and his organization, ProHelp, had a small event called Balloons for Jesus. He had a small stand up with balloons and he sold them at 4 lei($1.50) apiece and wrote the name of the person who bought one on it. Then at 3:15 everyone let their balloons go. Claudiu told everyone that this was to celebrate the birth of Christ our Saviour. Here are some pictures and videos

Last night Tim and Krista invited everyone over to their house for a sort of Christmas potluck, as we call it in the south, and fellowship. After everyone finished eating we went up stairs and Tim had a short message for everyone about Christmas and what its really about and what is really important. Here is the message if you want to see it for yourself.

After Tim had a message there was a short time of sharing of what God had been doing here in Valcea and how he had been working in peoples' lives this past year. Here are some videos of That and some pictures of the whole get-together.

I hope everyone had a merry, merry Christmas and hope you all have a happy new year! Keep us in your prayers!


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