Our Christmas Program is all lined out!

Hey everyone! Well we have got our Christmas program all lined out and we are really excited! Actually we have two Christmas programs that we will have take place.

The first program is our organization's (Bunul Pastor) program. The participants in the program will be the kids we work with 4 days a week at our center in Ostroveni and our Church's youth group. It will take place on the 11th at the Casa Stiintei in Ostroveni at 7:00 o'clock P.M. This will just be our closing program for the Holiday's since this week is the last week of school. We expect roughly 60 people to show up. We will have some Christmas carols and play followed by a short message. We've been practicing for it this past week here are some pictures....

The second program is the big one that I wrote about in the last blog post. It will take place on the 18th of December at 7:00 o'clock P.M. at the city's indoor handball stadium. We will receive 2000 gifts from Samaritan's Purse and will distribute them at the program. The total time of the program will be about 2 hours, but will be split into tow parts. The first hour our group of kids we work with at our center in Ostroveni every week will sing some carols with Cristi and Irina, We will then have a special "painting", and Claudiu Nitisor will have a short message. The second hour we will distribute the gifts to Children between the ages 5-14. We already have about 20 or 25 volunteers and we need at least another 10 to 15, after all we are going to be giving out 2000 gifts. We will also have the city's gendarmerie there for security purposes (the gendarmerie is a division of the city's police force here). We hope that everything will turn out well and that the attendance will be good.

This week was my brother Chase's birthday. He turned 15 years old yesterday and we had a party for him at out youth meeting yesterday afternoon. We ate cake, played some games, and had a good time and then we all walked to town. Here are some pictures and videos of the party.....

This Saturday Mom had program with the mothers and daughters. About 8 or 9 mothers and 15 daughters came. Mom had a short message for them and then they did some crafts and played some games. Here are some pictures.....I had more but accidentally deleted some of them

This past Friday I went to help Claudiu Nitisor with 2 puppet shows that he had at the City Library and at one of the school here. We had really great attendance! Here are a few pictures...

Well thats about it, just keep everything we are doing and us in your prayers!


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