Back to school kids!!!

Hey everyone! Well the Holidays were just super! We had a great Christmas and a great New Year. For New years our youth group had a small get together at Anca's house and at midnight we all went downtown to watch the fireworks! After that we came back to Anca's and had a short time of sharing our New Year resolutions. I was really enthusiastic when some of our youth said that they wanted to take this year and draw closer to God because he is the most important thing. I'm really excited the way that God is moving in the lives of these teens! Here are some videos and pics!

We also had a great youth meeting on Sunday night. Cristi had a short message on how there is a time for everything. He encouraged the group to take this next year and grow spiritually and make good choices. After that one of the girls from our group invited us to her house and her mom cooked for us, we had some ice cream, and had a time of sharing our new years resolutions. Here are some pictures!

Today was the first day of school so tomorrow we start back our after school tutoring. The same hours from 2-4 and 4-6 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday with English lessons from 2-3:30 and 3:30-5 on Thursdays. This next week we will be hanging out fliers and posters all over the neighborhood to remind everyone of us and what we are doing.

We hope this new year goes well and are praying for a new facility either sometime this year or next year depending on our attendances and if it is God's will for us. Keep us in your prayers as we kick off 2010, and once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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