Our Organization's Christmas program went great!

Hey everyone! We had our Christmas Program yesterday and it went great! Not all of our kids came but we had a little over half of them. All of the kids that had parts in the play came so that was a big relief. First Cristi gave an introduction and then we sang some carols, had the play, and sang 2 more carols. After that Cristi had a 25-30 minute message about the true meaning of Christmas and how we as people try to take Christ out of Christmas by filling it up with junk like Santa Clause and stuff. After that We sang one last carol and closed. Here are they videos of Cristi's sermon, some of the Carols, and some pictures.


We are really excited about next Friday. At 7:00 P.m. we will start and hope to be finished by 10:00 with everything. Pray for us that everything will go well and that God will bless what we are doing.


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