Getting everything ready for this Friday's Christmas Celebration!

Hey everyone! Well I would like to start off by giving some happy birthday wishes to one of the girls in our youth group. This past Saturday was her birthday and on Sunday we had a small "birthday party" for her at our organization's center. Here are some pictures!

Last night we had a meeting with all of the volunteers that will help us on Friday at our Christmas celebration. We made up teams and discussed how we will proceed with giving the gifts. Claudiu Nitisor told us that he had talked with several local television stations and a few national television stations. All of the local stations have confirmed they are coming and two of the national stations confirmed with one more that has not responded yet. He also went and talked with some of the local radio stations and newspapers and asked if they would cover the event and two of the newspapers accepted.

We will doing a "special panting" like I mentioned in the post before last if you want to see what I'm talking about just watch the video below.

We actually won't be doing the same story or message these people will we just took the idea with the painting. We will also have our kids that our Organization works with sing two carols at the Celebration. If you want to see the full program for Friday night here it is.

1. Opening and welcome Claudiu Nitisor
2. A Carol by our Group Cristi Ciuculescu
3. A shrot word from the city's mayor Mircea Gutau
4. A Choreography Mihaela Runceanu
5. About the Organizations who
put together the Program Chuck Harrod
6. A Puppet show Dana Nitisor
7. The "special painting" Group
8. A Christmas message Claudiu Nitisor
9. A carol by our group Cristi Ciuculescu
10. Closing and exiting instructions Cristi Ciuculescu.

After the Program ends we will have teams waiting at the exits. These teams will take the tickets we passed out and will give a gift in exchange. The only way to get a gift is to have a ticket, this way we don't have to worry about being short. We will go and pick up the gifts on Thursday and will come back that same afternoon and drop them off at the place where the Celebration will be held.

Keep us all in your prayers as we have this busy week ahead of us and pray that God will guide us.


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