We've got a Christmas play coming!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. This week went really well and we've started practicing for our Christmas play. It will take place somewhere around the second week in December at either the casa stiintei(hope my spelling is right) or the theater in Ostroveni. We will have some songs and a play followed by a short message. We have about 30-40 kids that we expect to participate in our program. We hope this will help show the children and their parents what the true meaning of Christmas is.

We hope to have another christmas program with the help of our friend Claudiu Nitisor and Samaritan's purse. We want to rent the indoor handball arena in town that holds about 2000 people or so and invite people to come and receive a gift donated by Samaritan's purse, we will receive somewhere around 2000 gifts. We hope to have help from some local volunteers and possibly the handball team. We want to do this so we can gather the people to share the love of Christ with them and the wonderful message of Christmas. This project is going to take quite a bit of planning in a short time period and lots of help from the Lord. This will be one of the biggest things we have done and definitely will be the most people we have ever had gathered at once.

Our youth meetings are still going strong. There were 9 present not counting myself, Cristi, and Irina. We did have 3 or 4 of our youth missing tonight but everything went well. We hope the group keeps on growing even thought it is growing slowly. here are some pictures form this week's meeting.

Just remember and keep us in your prayers this busy Christmas season we have ahead of us and pray that God will touch the lives of the people here.


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