Happy Birthday Anca!

Hey everybody! Today was Anca's 31st Birthday! About 20 people or so came and we had a great time. Once again I want to wish Anca a very happy and blessed birthday, Happy Birthday Anca! Here are some pictures of Anca's Birthday......

This past week went really well, our attendance at Homework help and English were back up since the kids are all back to school. This week we had at least 20 kids everyday and on Friday we had 24. The weather is really nasty out and I don't think the kids got out much during the week, so come Friday they were all really wild. Here are a few more pictures of them during game time and lesson time.....

Yesterday night we went out with our youth group again. We went to a coffee shop/bakery in town and we just all "hung out" and talked. At one point Cristi was having a conversation with one of the teens about what we do with our lives and about following God's will and God's plan in our lives. Cristi used himself as an example, when he first started college he went to a christian college and he wanted to do music and be a musician. He went and took the entrance exam and he couldn't read the Notes. Cristi could play guitar really well and he knew the chords but he couldn't read music then, so he said at that moment he knew that it wasn't God's will for him to be a musician. Then he went on to do theology and know he is ordained and is serving here in Rimnicu Valcea. He told the particular teen that if you are God's child he will show you the path that you should take. He also said that what may seem right to us will not always be what God want for our lives.
Here are some pictures of our youth group.

Well, just keep us all in your prayers and pray that God will keep furthering the work here!


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