Back to school kids!

Hey everyone! This past week went well, even though our numbers were a little lower. This past week all of the kids grades K-7 were out of school and several of our regulars didn't come. Since the kids were out they didn't have any homework, so we just had a short lesson for the kids and did some arts & crafts. Here are some pictures of them below.....

I just want to let everyone know that this week's post will be that last post translated into Romanian. As of This week Cristi and Irina will be doing all of the writing on the Romanian blog and the only thing I will be doing is taking some pictures every once in a while to post up. I will continue to write on the English blog but, I feel like Cristi and Irina will do a much better job than me if they write on the Romanian blog themselves.

Keep us in your prayers and thoughts!


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