February is almost over

Hey everyone! Well, February is coming to an end and we're only three weeks away from Spring! This past week the weather has been much nicer, the sun has been out and the temperatures have been in the 40-60's. These past two weeks have been great, our attendance at our after school program has been up and we have some new adults coming to our Thursday afternoon adult English program. We had about 25-30 kids on average everyday these past two weeks with about 5 new kids coming. This past week we had some of the parents come and tell us that they are very grateful to us for changing their children's lives. The parents told us that their children were more obedient, more respectful, and they started praying every night before bed, something they had never done before!The parents were shocked when their children said "Mom and Dad I want us to pray like we do with Cristi and Irina at the after school program" At our after school program we always have a 20-30 minute lesson for the kids where we pray and try to teach them about Jesus and instil good values in them. They have responded in a great way! All of our regular kids have had a great change in their attitudes and actions. Some of them have started coming to our Sunday morning church services and have started to read their Bibles. These kids are the next generation and we hope they will grow up and serve the Lord. We hope that they will be examples in the community and lead others to Christ as they grow. Here are some pictures and a short video of them from this past week.

Next Friday the Family Center, a place that helps family that was founded by a lady from New Zealand, is having a raffle for the ladies. The proceeds from the raffle will be used to support the Family Center in its mission here. Our youth group has been asked to do the music for the whole program. We are honoured to help in this fund raiser. We hope the raffle goes well and that all of the people who were invited attend. I will have some pictures and video of it next week.

I can see that God is really working here in they lives of men, women, and children alike, this generation has the power through our Lord Jesus Christ to change this place. I hope they will listen and accept the call of the Gospel and be the ones that change this spiritually dark place. Keep us all in your prayers as the work here grows.


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