Mada and Lavinia's Baptism went Great!

Hey everyone! If you read my last post then you know that we had a Baptism yesterday! Madalin and Lavina Dumitrache, a mother and son who have been attending our Sunday morning services since we began them, were baptized. We had a special service for them where they, and other close friends, had a chance to share some thoughts and encouraging words. In the Baptism services here, the focus of the service is on the ones who are being baptized. I personally think this is great, it gives the ones who are being baptized a chance to share their testimonies and how God worked in their lives. Mada told how the Lord had changed his life and how grateful he was that God offered him this free gift of eternal life. Lavina told how she had attended a Baptist church for several years and how she looked like she was a genuine Christian to others for all those years. She went on to tell how she struggled with the addictive habit of smoking and how the Lord showed her she was claiming to be one of His children but was actually living a lie and living in a way that wasn't pleasing to Him. She said that she is glad that she can now stand and say she is a true child of Good and a changed person. The service was very moving, it was also a great encouragement for us all. Lavina and Mada are now the very first members of our church, Beserica Bunul Pastor ( in English it means "The Good Shepherd Church"). We are really excited how God is working in our church plant. Here are the pictures from the Baptism.

Last week went well, we had about 20-25 kids everyday last week and at our Teen English we do on Friday night, we had some new students come. The kids really like the theme we did for February , they especially liked that we put up their faces on the wall.

Last night's youth meeting was one of the best we've had! All of our youth were so attentive and interested in what was being taught. You could tell they had genuine interest and when we had our worship service you could feel that they were singing with all they had to praise our wonderful Lord. Cristi's brother Catalin, who came to sing at Mada's Baptism, had a devotion for us last night. He talked about how even though we as people try to invent theories on how things were created and how they work, the truth is all of that we make up like the big bang, is a lie. He went on to say that God is so great that he created even the little tiny things and takes care of them, so how much more is He going to take care of us? He challenged us to put all of our faith in God and count all of the things he gives us as a blessing.

Last week was just great, keep praying that each and every week from here on will be better and better with our Lord Jesus leading the way.


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