Hey everyone! Well march is here and just when I thought winter was on its last leg, it comes a blizzard today! Oh well, it'll pass :). This past month has been a good month and I hope March goes even better.

We did our theme for the month today at our afterschool program, this month's theme is Mother's day. Romanian mother's day is on the 8th of March, so we decided to go with a Mother's day theme. I will have some pictures up of our theme in the next post.

Everyone be in prayer for Cristi this month, he is going to Tirgu Mures on the 17th to get his pins removed from his foot that were put in because of his broken foot last year. I'm sure it will be quite painful for Cristi and he'll be laid up for a month or two. We're taking a two week break from our afterschool program so Irina can stay home and take care of Cristi

I have a new blog, it's my own personal blog and I post much more often on it than I do this one. If you would like to check it out heres the link .

Keep us in your prayers!


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