Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! We have some great news to tell you all! This Sunday at 10:00 in the morning we will have our first Baptism service! We will use one of the Baptist's churches Baptisteries and it will last about 2 hours long. The people that are being Baptized are Madalin and His mother, who have been coming to our meetings ever since we started them. We are all really happy for them and happy that we will have our first official Church members! I hope that the Lord will use Lavinia and Madalin for the years to come in His service and for His will! Be in prayer for Lavinia and Madalin as they are the first people that attend our Church plant to do this. Pray that through this they will be a witness to the others and that they will be soon to follow!

Some more good news(I love telling good news!) for you! This past Sunday was our first time to ever serve the Lord's supper at our church plant! We are really happy that we could finally do this! There were only 6 of us (My Mom and Dad, Chase, Cristi, Irina, and myself) that took it, because we are the only ones that have been Baptized. This will soon change though, like I told you before Madalin and Lavina are getting Baptized so we hope they will partake next month when we give it again!

Well the Kids are back to school after their one week break, so our attendance was back up to 22 kids today. It's not the 30-35 we had at the beginning, but I think when the weather warms up our attendance will return to where it was. This past Friday the kids did some coloring for our wall's February theme! The theme is winter, with the kids on sleds and snowmen. We let the kids color a picture of a child on a sled and then printed out the kids that colored it and put his face in the place of the face on the coloring sheet. Cristi, Irina, Anca, Chase, Mada, Ioana, and I got together last night and cleaned the place up and hung all the "stuff" up. Here are some pictures!

Last week I went to Bucharest to take my ACT test for one final time and i some something very interesting on the way home! Here take a look at this! Talk about a loaded car!!!

Well I'll take some pictures of the Baptism and post them up next week! Keep us all in you prayers!


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