More snow? Ohh No!

Sunday it started snowing again and has snowed everyday since then! But even though the weather has turned cold and nasty, last week was a great week! The sun was out for most of the week and the temperatures rose a little. At our English and Homework help we had about 20 kids everyday, so that means our attendance has been a little down from the 30-35 we were getting. Since our attendance has been down a little these past two weekends we have been going and hanging out fliers. over the past two weeks we put out about 100 and I hope to go put out another 50 this Saturday if our attendance doesn't get any better. We hope that we can bring in more kids and meet more parents so that we can really get to know more people in the community where we are working.

This past Saturday night Cristi and Irina invited the whole youth group over to their place for pizza and a movie. I made pizza dough for 8 pizzas and Irina cooked them. We had a great time and hope to do it again soon!

This Sunday went well, even though we didn't have Cristi there. Cristi was invited to some of his friends baptisms, They had a large Baptism for 8 of the young people in one of the Baptist churches at once. Dad filled in for Cristi this Sunday and Irina translated. Sunday night's youth meeting went well too. We had 8, not counting me, Cristi, and Irina. I really feel like our youth are growing in the Lord and that they are trying to serve Him and do what is right. I hope they will continue to serve Him throughout their lives.

Well, keep us all in your prayers, pray that God will continue to grow the work He has started here!


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