New Years Resolutions!

Hi everybody! Well This past week I took pictures of the kids and the project we did with them, but Yesterday my external hard drive ,that I keep all of my photos on, magically got erased! So everything I didn't already have uploaded to Picasa or Facebook got deleted! Sorry! Anyway, This year we've decided to do a theme once a month in our room where we work with the kids. We want to let the kids draw some pictures and put up some different decorations each month. This months theme is "Happy New Year 2010!" We let the kids color some fireworks and we but up a big "Happy New Year!" sign. We also told each one of them to draw their New Years Resolutions and plans for 2010. Some of them drew and colored themselves getting better grades, some acting better and doing what their parents tell them, and one drew that he wanted to be like one of the famous soccer players this year! After that we hung all of their resolutions up on the wall so that they would think about them and remember them. I'll take some more pictures this next week so that everyone can see them.

This past Saturday Irina, Chase, Mada, Ioana, and Myself, gave our facility (the place we work with the kids, have youth meetings, Church, ect.) a good scrubbing! We got out the bleach and scrubbed down all of the walls until all of the black marks from shoes and chairs came off. We spent 3 and a half hours cleaning and I want to thank Irina, Mada, Chase, and Ioana for their hard work! Now it is really nice and clean! Here are some pictures of us.....

This past Sunday went great and we had a great Youth meeting afterwards! We also Celebrated Ioana's Birthday by have cake and pizza. We sang some praise and worship music and Then I had a short devotion for them. The text I used was Matthew 7:7-12, it was about the golden rule and treating others the way that you want to be treated. I told them that even though kids at school may say "your crazy and stupid for believing in all of that Jesus stuff" we still should treat them the way that we want to be treated. I also told them that when we are out and joking around with our friends we should be careful about what we call someone or what we say to them because we don't always know what that person has been through. We should talk to each other in positive and encouraging ways, not in discouraging and hurtful ways. I really wanted to emphasize the excessive joking and name calling in our group because it has been a real problem for some of them recently. I want them to lift each other up, not tear down, especially since some of them are new Christians. Here are some pictures....

Well, keep us in your prayers and especially ask God to help Cristi and Irina with the ministry here. Ask Him to keep them strong and not Discouraged.


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