We've really grown!

Hey everyone just thought Would give a quick update on what's been going on. My grandma and my Great aunt have come to visit us for two weeks here in Valcea. We took them yesterday to see the kids at the Awana club. My Grandma ,who worked in Awana in the U.S., said that she wished the kids in Awana in the U.S. had as much desire to memorize the scripture as the kids here do. She said that the kids there just kinda zipped through their Awana handbooks and didn't really learn the verses by heart but the kids here do. For example some of the kids in our Awana club have completed their manuals and they're now doing the recap, which is basically redoing the whole book for a second time, and are going through it really fast because they took the scriptures in their handbooks and really learned them by heart. We should really count this as a blessing, that the kids here are really taking the scripture to heart.

Our Awana Program has grown quickly, this past Tuesday we had six new kids come but since we already have so many kids come on Tuesday we had to move them to Friday. Now we have about 40-45 kids who have completed their Entrance brochures and have earned their handbooks and uniforms and another 5 or so kids who are still on their Entrance brochures giving us a total of 50 or so kids. Mainly we need now is more sponsors and more space because we are at the limit of how many kids we can handle. Just keep praying for us that God will give us what we need if it is his will and pray that he will help us to be a good example for this kids and share Christ's love with them.


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