Awana is coming to an End!

Hey Everybody Well our Awana club has almost come to an end! We have 2 more weeks left and then we will have a special closing ceremony. We are trying to get the Cinema in Ostroveni rented so that we will have plenty of room for the parents and Grandparents to come see the kids at the closing ceremony. I'll try to get the exact date of the closing ceremony in the next blog post.

We've had some new people coming to our meetings on Sunday thanks to Telu, a man that Dad and Cristi have Bible study with once a week. Telu invited one of his friends,Mr. Gigi, to come three Sundays ago and this past Sunday ,Mr. Gigi, brought one of his friends with him. So through Telu God has brought two more men to hear the Gospel. Telu had been asking Cristi how God was going to use him(Telu is in a wheelchair and doesn't get around much) so now we see how God has used Telu to show others the way toward Christ. It really is amazing what God can do through someone's life.

I'll keep you all posted!
Keep us in your Prayers!


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