Summer is almost over!

Hey everyone! Well our Summer has almost come to an end! School starts here on the 15th of September so we only have 3 more weeks left of our Awana club. We've had a great turnout this summer in Awana, right now we have about 50 kids our so. Our English program for the kids has been going well also, we have between 30 and 45 kids that come regularly.

Once school starts back we'll be starting back our free homework help and tutoring. We're going to have this everyday from Monday to Friday, we don't have an exact time set yet but we'll keep you posted.

Yesterday at Awana we had some special guest. Claudiu Nitisor(check out his blog at and his wife Dana came and put on a puppet show for the kids. We had about 25 kids so we were pretty crowded. Here are some of the pictures below.

Well keep us all in your prayers!


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